Instant Dosa for Breakfast

Dosas originated in South India; in popular tradition, the origin of the dosa is linked to Udupi, Karnataka; according to food historian K. T. Achaya, the earliest written mention of dosa appears in literature of present-day Tamil Nadu, in the 8th century, while the earliest mention of dosa in the Kannada literature appears a century later. After the Independence of India, South Indian cuisine became gradually popular in the North. 

A dosa is a thin pancake in South Indian cuisine made from a fermented batter of ground black lentils and rice.

The key ingredients of dosa batter are rice and black gram – it is a good source of protein,  a typical homemade plain dosa without oil contains about 112 calories, of which 84% is carbohydrate and 16% protein, the fermentation process of the dosa batter increases the vitamin B and vitamin C content.

I decided to make some instant dosa – for making instant dosa, the fermentation process is not required, however it does not compromise on its nutrient aspect, comparatively, these instant dosas is much more nutrient rich than the fermented dosa because of the ingredients, and the exclusion of the fermentation process significantly reduces the time which goes in the preparation of the dosa batter, these instant dosa just requires mixing of few ingredients which makes it tasty too.

The Recipe of Instant Dosa for Breakfast:

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