Multigrain Flatbreads are better option over Multigrain Breads

Multigrain bread is commercially mass-produced and marketed to consumers, some commercial varieties are prepared using 100% whole grain flour.

Multigrain breads  is a type of bread prepared with flour of two or more types of grain, may be prepared using whole, unprocessed grains, although commercial varieties do not necessarily always contain whole grains. Whole grain multigrain breads contain a dietary fibre content of up to four times greater than white breads and may also contain more vitamins and protein compared to white bread. Multigrain breads also provide complex carbohydrates.

Multigrain flatbreads are prepared with flour of two or more types of whole grain. Flatbread is basically unleavened bread, which is made without yeast. Flatbreads range from below one millimeter to a few centimeters thick so that they can be easily eaten without being sliced. They can be baked in an oven, fried in hot oil, grilled over hot coals, cooked on a hot pan, tava, comal, or metal griddle, and eaten fresh or packaged and frozen for later use.

I combined more than two whole grain flours for the multigrain flatbread dough, the proportion of flours used is mentioned in the recipe….

The Multigrain Flatbread Recipe:

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