Spicy and Cool – Fried Tilapia Fillets

Tilapia has been the fourth-most consumed fish in the United States since 2002, the popularity of tilapia came about due to its low price, easy preparation, and mild taste.

Tilapia are some of several commercially important aquaculture species. Tilapia have very low levels of mercury; are low in saturated fat, calories, carbohydrates, and sodium; are a good protein source, they also contain the micronutrients phosphorus, niacin, selenium, vitamin B12, and potassium.

The Wake Forest University School of Medicine released a report in 2008 showing that the fish’s omega-3 fatty acid content is often far lower than that of other commonly eaten fish species, the same study also showed that their omega-6 fatty acid levels were unusually high.

This was my first fish fillet fry recipe, I went easy with the choice of ingredients to chose a few fresh ingredients, with simple technique to fry the tilapia fillets, moreover it was a great pleasure to consume the fried tilapia fillets.

Know the recipe ….

The Recipe of Spicy and Cool Fried Tilapia Fillets:

Fish fillet - Fried Tilapia
Fish fillet – Fried Tilapia
TILAPIA fish fillet
TILAPIA fish fillet

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