Whole Wheat Hakka Noodles for a light meal

I brought a pack of 150gm of  ‘Just Soak Whole Wheat Hakka Noodles’, it was an interesting purchase because cooking these noodles is a super easy process as it required soaking the noodles in adequate quantity of warm water for approx. 5-7 minutes, later to drain the warm water and wash  the noodles in cold running water, for the cooked noodles to be ready for further use as required.
So, for a light meal ‘Just Soak Whole Wheat Hakka Noodles’ made from 98% whole wheat flour is quite a healthy option. After the noodles were ready to use, I chose a more simpler approach to consume these noodles for a light meal in a delicious form.

The Recipe of Whole Wheat Hakka Noodles for a light meal:

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