Tuna Fish Curry is better than canned Tuna

Tuna is an important commercial fish; canned tuna is pretty heavily salted, and heated, so it’s processed (but it usually doesn’t contain nitrates or other chemicals we associate with processed meats) whereas to consume fresh tuna depends on luck, I purchased a relatively large tuna fish, and I decided for a fish curry instead of frying the tuna slices and my decision to do so paid off, and I realized tuna fish curry is the best option over fried tuna – because fried tuna slices does not easily soak the flavors of the marinade.

Anyways, tuna fish curry cannot be prepared like other fish curries, the treatment for tuna fish curry has to be similar to preparing meat curry because tuna is a meaty fish with the texture similar to meat, however the fact that tuna is a fish cannot be forgotten – for all these reasons, I combined the factors that make the experience of consuming tuna fish curry alike meat curry; for the tuna fish curry, I opted out of certain ingredients which are generally added to fish curries and replaced it by another ingredients, and added a few ingredients that would make the curry extremely flavorful.

The Recipe of Tuna Fish Curry:

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