Shawarma as street food in India

Shawarma is one of the world’s most popular street foods, especially in Egypt, the countries of the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula, and the rest of the Middle East.

Almost a decade ago, shawarma was introduced in India, in a restaurant at Hyderabad.

As a street food in India, shawarma is comparatively hygienic, delicious, filling and budget-friendly; for non-vegetarians it is a street food of choice because street food in India is full of vegetarian options.

Shawarma is commonly served as a sandwich or wrap, in a flatbread such as pita – thin cuts of seasoned marinated lamb, mutton, veal, beef, chicken, or turkey are stacked on a skewer about 60 cm (20 in) high; a motorized spit slowly turns the stack of meat in front of an electric or gas-fired heating element continuously roasting the outer layer, shavings are cut off the rotating stack for serving, customarily with a long flat knife.

Shawarma is often garnished with diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions, pickled vegetables, hummus, tahini sauce or amba mango sauce, with additional toppings like grilled peppers, eggplant or french fries.

In the Middle East, chicken shawarma is typically served with garlic sauce, fries, and pickles.

In India, shawarmas doesn’t exactly taste like shawarmas in Arab countries, chicken shawarmas are commonly available with least option of sauces; however for a non-vegetarian in India, finding a shawarma food stall among the vegetarian street food choices could be the least one could ask for.

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