Sauce for the Delicacy of Goan Pork Sausage (Chorise)

Chorise or Goan pork sausage is based on the chorizo sausage (chorizo is a fermented, cured, smoked sausage, which may be sliced and eaten without cooking, or added as an ingredient to add flavor to other dishes), a typical reflection of Indo-Portuguese cuisine.

It is made with large chunks of boneless pork that are sliced or chopped and heavily salted, the chopped meat is allowed to dry in the sun for one to two days; a mixture of spices, ground hot chili peppers, vinegar, and feni (a local liquor) is added and the mixture of pork is filled into casings, the resulting sausages are again dried in the sun or smoked slowly.

I blended the Goan sausage with a sauce, as Goan sausage has all the required spices in its flavor, it requires a sauce which easily blends but does not overpower its original flavour, only complements the original flavour with an additional touch, so the sauce was made with minimum number of ingredients, the ingredients in the sauce added fresh flavor to the sausage along with health benefits.

The Goan sausage which I purchased was deliciously spicy, mild-pungent and had awesome smoky flavour – with the sauce included, it only enriched its flavour.

Recipe of Sauce for the Delicacy of Goan Pork Sausage (Chorise):

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