Black Pomfret Fish Fries – an Elitist Fish

The black pomfret is a highly sought after fish in Asia, where 74,607 tonnes of Black Pomfret were caught in 2016 – black pomfret is an elitist fish, therefore expensive.

Black pomfret is found off the coast of South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, Arabian Gulf, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, southern Japan and Australia.

Nutritional Content in Black Pomfret:
Good source of protein,
Rich source of essential fatty acids (omega-3 fatty acids)and minerals – calcium and iodine,
Source of vitamins A and D, and B ┬Čvitamins, including Vitamin B12.

(Source of Information:  Wikipedia &

The texture of the fish is soft, the flavour is mild, the marination increases its flavour content to appetizing.

I marinated the slices of black pomfret with 2 flavourful ingredients along with essential ingredients.

Black Pomfret Fish Fries:

Black Pomfret Fish Fries
Black Pomfret Fish Fries


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