Wheat Flour Noodles Merged with Green Fiber Food to Fight Obesity

The hakka noodles in this recipe is made from super-fine wheat flour/maida, which is a low protein white flour made from wheat, maida is basically endosperm of wheat grain.

To make it nutritious, I included spring onion/scallion (also known as green onions) greens (excluding the bulbs) – a cup of cut scallions has about 10% of the fiber you need for the whole day. Getting lots of fiber helps you feel full, keeps your cholesterol levels down, and may lower your chances for diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions. Epidemiological evidences showed that dietary fiber in either soluble or insoluble form helps to reduce weight among overweight or obese adults. Consumption of dietary fiber can prevent obesity, metabolic syndrome and adverse changes in the intestine by promoting growth of “good” bacteria in the colon, according to a study led by Georgia State University.

(Sources of Information: webmd.com, longdom.org & sciencedaily.com)

I blended the spring onion hakka noodles with other nutritious ingredients for proteins and micronutrients, these ingredients along with providing flavor are also rich in antioxidants, thus the overall combination of ingredients in this recipe helps to prevent obesity and also other chronic diseases.

The Recipe of Spring Onion Hakka Noodles:

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masalahealth.in – Jan to Aug 2021

The noodles have pleasant sweet flavor because of spring onion greens along with mild-spicy flavour.

Opt to serve the noodles with lentil soup and drink of buttermilk


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