The Merge of 7 Nutrients with Dried Shrimp and Potato

Dried shrimp requires the least amount of ingredients for flavor because of its unique rich umami taste, only essential ingredients or ingredients which add additional nutritional value.

With the minimum quantity of ingredients, this recipe of dried shrimp will possibly provide these nutrients to benefit your health:
Vitamin C

The whole spice and spice powders used are rich in phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

I have merged potato with dried shrimp, the quantity of these two ingredients matter, potato is used as the other main ingredient to provide a strong consistency or weightage, the quantity of dried shrimps used makes the food awesome rich in umami flavor.
I had used extremely small dried shrimps, which takes very less time to cook, so potato slices and these shrimp cannot be cooked together for the same time interval.

The garam masala used for this recipe is a unique blend of two authentic garam masala/spice powders which combine fantastically with the umami flavor of dried shrimp to enthrall the taste buds.

The Recipe of Merge between Dried Shrimp and Potato:

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