Dried fish provides an excellent source of protein than beef

Drying food is the world’s oldest known preservation method, and dried fish has a storage life of several years. 

Dried fish is a very rich source of proteins – containing 80-85% protein, when amino acids were measured and compared to the amino acids in eggs, thus the proteins in the dried fish are of high quality; healthy fats (including long-chain omega-3 fatty acids like eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)); and a unique source of essential nutrients such as iodine, zinc, copper, selenium, and calcium. 

One hundred grams of dried fish contains about 80 percent protein with 300 calories, while beef has more than twice the calories with far less protein therefore dried fish provides an excellent source of protein with fewer calories than other foods such as beef.

Some studies suggest that replacing high-fat meats with more heart-healthy proteins like fish, beans, poultry, nuts, and low-fat dairy can help prevent heart disease, help lower cholesterol and blood pressure and help in maintaining a healthy weight.

(Sources of Information: smallbusiness.chron.com, healthline.com, matis.is & tandfonline.com)

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