Ascorbate or Vitamin C Pulao

The last time, I made ascorbate pulao using green capsicum, although the pulao was tasty, the flavour of the pulao did not match up to my expectation. vitamin-c-or-ascorbate-meal

This time around, I changed the quality of rice – instead of using the regular Kolam rice, I used basmati rice – basmati rice has the texture and aroma to complement the flavor of green capsicum. The quantity of capsicum used in the pulao is important because if the quantity is inadequate, the flavour of green capsicum is mild for the pulao and if the quantity of green capsicum is more, the flavour of capsicum will be overpowering. This time, the pulao is added with ingredients to match up with the flavor of green capsicum and basmati rice.

The Recipe of Ascorbate or Vitamin C Pulao using Green Capsicum:

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The pulao has elite, neat flavor along with pleasant flavor of green capsicum.

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