Fish Curry with 3 Superb Dominant Flavors of an Extremely Meaty Fish

I felt very happy and lucky to have purchase an extremely meaty fish for a reasonable price.
I decided to make curry for this fish pieces because fish curry is one of the favorite foods in my home, plus the advantages of the nutrients of a fish curry along with fish to consume makes for a wholesome food, and another factor – fish curry and cooked rice is one of the best and complete combinations and requires no other food along with it for a meal.

For this curry, I made two different paste, combined it to make the curry, this simple technique changed the flavor of the curry, the curry is flavorful with flavor of 3 dominant flavourful and nutritious ingredients that combine to complement the richness of the fish.

The Recipe of Fish Curry with 3 Superb Dominant Flavors for an Extremely Meaty Fish:

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