Amazing Elite Flavor of Doma/White Croaker Fish Fries

White croakers swim in loose schools at or near the bottom of sandy areas. Sometimes they aggregate in the surf zone or in shallow bays and lagoons.

Doma/White Croaker Fish is known for its sweet flavour and tender white meat. 

The marinade is made of basically 4 major ingredients and 2 essential ingredients –
Out of the 4 ingredients used, 3 ingredients are powerful ingredients in terms of nutrients or medicinal benefits and also plays a vital role in the flavor of the marinade.
In the essential ingredients, I made use of turmeric powder – the Indian saffron or the golden spice, is known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties; curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric; the other is salt.

When all these ingredients combine in the marinade to flavour the fish, it makes the fish flavour etile and adds powerful nutritional benefits (as the fish pieces are marinated for approx. 1 hour).

This is by far, one of the best marinade I have prepared for fish fries and complements the flavour of white croaker fish.

I purchased 4 large white croaker fish – the fish was pre-cut into two, the large white croaker fish is scaly.

The Recipe for the Amazing Elite Flavor of Doma/White Croaker Fish Fries:

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