Another Fish Curry Recipe in the Science of Fish Curries

Each fresh ingredient in a food recipe has its own relevance, it contributes with its flavour, nutritional and medicinal benefits to blend with the main food.
According to me, fish curries are the most significant food in the science of cooking – as it involves the most nutritious ingredients in its making; cooking is science – an important aspect of our life, because it requires knowledge and experiment to create recipes that enhance our quality of life.

This fish curry recipe is quite similar yet easy compared to many of my previous fish curry recipes, I made some changes to it – only a few changes can alter the flavour of a food to a huge degree, this case is especially true with fish curries, the flavour of the fish – different fish have different flavors, also makes an significant impact on the flavour of the curry.

In this recipe, I made use of Croaker Fish – a saltwater fish, known for its sweet flavour and tender white meat. 

The Recipe of Flavourful Croaker Fish Curry:

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The fresh ingredients in the curry, makes the fish curry feel and taste fresh, and is superb for the taste buds.

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