Meal including Fresh Fenugreek Greens

For this meal, I made rajma curry and gravy of fenugreek greens along with staple food of rice.

This meal does require some amount of preparation before hand, I soaked the rajma overnight and cleaned the fresh fenugreek greens a day prior and refrigerated the greens; the next day it became very easy for me to prepare this meal.
(A bunch of fenugreek greens = 4 handfuls of cleaned fenugreek greens)

The Meal:
For rajma curry – I cooked the rajma in a pressure cooker, in adequate quantity of water, for upto 7 pressure cooker whistles in medium flame, then I added a tadka/tempering of tomatoes with usual neccessary and flavour spice powders.
(Food with Tadka – RECIPES & Rajma RECIPES)

For Rice: I made a simple rice pulao including the rice with the rich flavour and medicinal benefit of whole spice.

This recipe of fenugreek greens is very basic, made along with few fresh ingredients – this leafy vegetable does not require much of ingredients in combination.

Basic Recipe of Fenugreek Greens for an Ordinary Meal:

Cleaned fenugreek leaves: approx. 4 handfuls

To clean fenugreek leaves, pluck the thinner stems with leaves out of the inedible, thicker leave-less stem, then rinse edible leafy stems in water before cooking.
Slice the thinner stems into smaller portions before cooking fenugreek greens

Sauce for the fresh fenugreek greens:
Blend finely sliced pieces of 3 medium, preferably red-ripe tomatoes along with finely sliced pieces of two green chilli peppers for mild-pungent flavour in adequate quantity of warm any mild-flavour vegetable oil; when the mixture melts, add the fenugreek leaves, smidgen the mixture with salt, add 1/4 tsp. of turmeric powder to the mix, cook the fenugreek leaves in low heat until it condenses into thick blend

This mix of fenugreek greens is slight bitter, slight sour and slight pungent for the taste buds.

Serving size: approx. 5

(My Point of View: Fenugreek Greens are potent in its medicinal benefits, therefore it is advisable to consume fenugreek greens for a maximum of two times in a month or at least once in a month.)

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