Noodles in Aromatic and Flavorful Broth of Whole-Spices

Noodles for meal, is like celebration of a happy occasion in my house – and I like this atmosphere in my house, so I try to cook noodles as often as possible.
Noodles are made from wheat, rice and other raw materials.
I made use of noodles made of fine wheat flour (with no added preservatives or colors) for this recipe.

The Recipe of Noodles in Aromatic & Flavorful Broth of Whole-Spices:

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You can either choose to add the entire cooked noodles in the warm broth, to mix the noodles with the flavour of the broth, as I preferred; or
you can opt to add required quantity of noodles in a bowl and top it up with required quantity of broth.

If you prefer the 1st choice, you can opt to consume the noodles with lentil soup –
For the second choice, opt to top the warm noodles with slices of boiled egg.

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