Rice and Milk – a combination for a delicious pudding

I must say this is not an original food recipe of mine, rice and milk is a famous combination to prepare desserts; I like indulging in dessert at irregular intervals – at home, I make desserts which are easy for me, requiring less effort from my side, because as much I like eating desserts, I despise making them because according to me desserts are best indulged in when somebody else has made it for you.
Nevertheless, I make the best carrot halwa … Recipe

So, when I came across a recipe of rice pudding, I made the rice pudding with very less effort on my part, to indulge in the pudding with adequate time for me to relish in the rich flavour of utter pampering.

The Easy Recipe of Delicious Rice Pudding:

Rice Pudding
Rice Pudding

Quantity of rice: a generous handful of short- grain rice
Milk: half litre (full cream milk is a better choice if you prefer the pudding extra creamy)

Soak the rice for approx. 2-5 hours, – depending upon the availability of time

(Rinse the rice several times before adding it to the milk)

I made the rice pudding in a superior quality, medium-size steel utensil.

Boil the milk, add the rice to the warm milk; blend the combination with 4 cardamons (open the cardamon pods – add the seeds and pieces of pod too) and 1 tbsp. of ghee (clarified butter), add sugar to the mix – according to preference of flavor (some suggest adding jaggery instead of sugar for its health benefits, I like moderate quantity of sugar in desserts – so, I chose the option of sugar because the option of choosing jaggery wouldn’t have made much difference to me); cook the rice pudding in low heat, stirring the pudding occasionally until the rice is cooked to a soft texture to condense the pudding

I preferred not adding any dry fruits to the rice pudding; as in my home, we prefer to consume dry fruits without adding it into any other food.

We preferred to eat warm rice pudding, you could also refrigerate the rice pudding to savour it at cold temperature.

The rice pudding has the pleasant flavour of cardamon; and is made using fresh ingredients which makes this dessert a healthy option to indulge in.

Serving size: approx. 2-3


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