Easy Concept of Making Nutritious Carrot Paratha or Flatbread

The last time, I had made stuffed carrot paratha – Why did I opt for Carrots as the Stuffing for Paratha/Flatbread? This time I decided to include all the ingredients together while making the dough for the carrot paratha.

Consuming parathas for breakfast or for brunch is an all time luxurious meal for me.

I made the dough very nutritious by including the whole wheat flour with highly nutritious ingredients.

Know the Recipe …

The Recipe of Nutritious Carrot Paratha or Flatbread:

For the Dough:
Carrot Mince: approx. 250gm of orange carrot
Cottage Cheese or Paneer Mince: approx. 200gm
Whole Wheat Flour: 4 full medium cups of flour

Knead the whole wheat flour along with carrot and paneer mince, include the mixture with 1 tsp. of freshly ground black peppercorns, 1 tbsp. of ghee or clarified butter and smidgen of salt; into smooth dough.

Roll the dough into medium size dough balls, then with the help of the rolling pin make the dough ball into thick circular flatbread.

Roast the flatbread on an iron tava, on both its sides.

You can opt to indulge the carrot paratha with some butter on top.

Approx. number of parathas: 18


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