Potato Steam-Fries, The Hottest Method to Consume Potatoes

Potatoes are low in calories, are good source of vitamins C and B6, manganese, phosphorus, niacin and pantothenic acid. Potatoes are stuffed with phytonutrients – are organic components of plants that are thought to promote health, according to the USDA. Phytonutrients in potatoes include carotenoids, flavonoids and caffeic acid. (Source: Live Science)

It is obvious that most of us love to eat deep fried potato slices, which famously is the most harmful method to consume potatoes.

I just thought of a cooking method to steam-fry potato slices instead of deep-frying them, I added  some ingredients for flavour and health benefits – there is a particular ingredient which I deem necessary while cooking potatoes, for it blends with health benefits, making the starchy root vegetable consumption friendly,  it also adds flavour to the potato slices.

The Recipe of Potato Steam-Fries:

Potato Steam-Fries, The Hottest Method to Consume Potatoes

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BLOOM with Fusion Flavour:

Recipes for the months July & August – 2020
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A healthy option compared to deep fried potato slices, the blend of spices makes it flavorful.


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