Nutritionally-Rich Fava Beans in Equally Rich Nutritious Sauce

Fava beans are incredibly nutritious and an excellent source of soluble fiber, protein, folate, manganese, copper and several other micronutrients; they’re rich in compounds that may enhance antioxidant activity. 
(Source of Information: healthline)

In this recipe, fava beans is merged with a delicious sauce rich in antioxidant phenolic compounds, the sauce is made from fresh ingredients, these ingredients also consist of  micronutrients including some natural antioxidants; the curry is also included with potato – potato with its nutritional benefits enhance the richness of the curry in both deliciousness and nutrients. The sauce is also sprinkled with a herb which is known for its health benefits, flavour and aroma.

The Recipe of Nutritionally-Rich Fava Beans in Equally Rich Nutritious Sauce:

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The sauce has a lavish flavour, and complements with fava beans and potato.


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