Antioxidant-Rich Smoky Flavoured Chicken Curry made using Whole Spices

Antioxidants from spices are a large group of bioactive compounds which consist of flavonoids, phenolic compounds, sulfur-containing compounds, tannins, alkaloids, phenolic diterpenes, and vitamins.
Natural antioxidants contained in spices help to reduce oxidative stress. Oxidative stress, which is caused by high concentration of free radicals in cells and tissues, can be induced by various negative factors, such as gamma, UV, and X-ray radiation, psycho-emotional stress, polluted food, adverse environmental conditions, intensive physical exertion, smoking, alcoholism, and drug addiction. Chronic oxidative stress has been reported to lead to a variety of diseases, including cancer, heart related diseases, and the acceleration of aging. (Source of Information: National Center for Biotechnology Information)

This recipe is created with a unique combination of whole spice, and other fresh ingredients known for its antioxidant properties, the blend of the ingredients and cooking method gives the chicken curry a unique smoky flavour along with making it a rich antioxidant, protein food.

Potatoes are a good source of several vitamins and minerals –  to retain the nutrients in potatoes, it should be cooked in a specific manner, the recipe explains the same.

To say the least, this chicken curry is nutritious …

The Recipe of Antioxidant-Rich, Smoky Flavoured Chicken Curry made using Whole Spices:

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All the fresh ingredients blend perfectly for a smoky flavour chicken curry.


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