Inexpensive but Expensive Flavour with Antioxidant-Rich PRAWNS and POTATO Mix

Sometimes when we see many expensive food ingredients in a dish, we  assume that the food will surely be delicious, this is just a thought, the fact is including expensive or too many ingredients in a recipe does not imply that you are consuming the most delicious and healthy food.

The thought process while creating a recipe is more important; the knowledge of flavours of different ingredients, the knowledge of ingredients that can match to create a delicious food and the knowledge of nutrients are important – all these factors combine to make a food delicious and healthy.

This is one such recipe mostly made of inexpensive and fresh ingredients, yet this food has a matchless delicious flavour and the nutrients it provides is rich in antioxidants – vitamin C, vitamin E, Selenium, Omega 3, zinc and other vital antioxidants found in the fresh ingredients which is also used to flavour the root vegetable and seafood combination.

The Recipe of Antioxidant-Rich Delicious Prawns and Potato Mix:

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A fantastic fresh flavour of fresh ingredients that include whole spice, other aromatic and flavorful nutritious ingredients merge with the combination of potato and fresh flavour of prawns – the seafood element enhances the flavour of the food to the optimum extent.



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