Super Food: Antioxidant-Rich Juicy Dried Shrimp Gravy

If immunity is the keyword for food, then this recipe ranks on the top list to boost your immune system.

The Reasons: 


Why do I consider dried shrimps a superfood?
The benefits of dried shrimps: shrimps are rich in mineral selenium, this nutrient prevents many diseases; shrimps contain two types of omega 3 – namely DHA and EPA, dried shrimps has a high protein content that is categorized as a good protein of super quality, vitamin B is abundant in dried shrimps


I have used fresh ingredients to flavour the dried shrimp, these ingredients are rich source of antioxidants.

The Recipe of Antioxidant-Rich Juicy Dried Shrimp Gravy:

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The lavish flavour of the mild-sweet dried shrimp blends perfectly with the juiciness of fresh ingredients, it superbly enriches the taste buds with loadful of pleasant flavours.

I paired the dried shrimp gravy with mung beans soup/dal (you can also opt for any other lentil  soup), raw vegetable salad along with plain cooked rice for a complete balanced diet meal.



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