Lentil Soup with Exquisite-Flavourful and Immunity Booster Vegetables and a Unique Spice Mix

Lentil  Soup can be made as flavorful as possible using  appropriate ingredients matching the flavour of the dal or pulses.

Dal  is a term used in the Indian subcontinent for dried, split pulses (legumes—that is, lentils, peas, and beans) that do not require pre-soaking. The term is also used for various soups prepared from these pulses.

In this recipe, I made lentil soup of tur dal/split pigeon peas, and flavoured the lentil soup with two exquisite-flavourful and immunity booster vegetables (the vegetables used have all the appropriate nutrients for immunity boosting properties), and a unique spice mix; the lentil soup had become extremely flavorful also because of other essential ingredients …

The Recipe of Exquisite-Flavourful Lentil Soup of Tur Dal/Split Pigeon Peas:

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Masalahealth.in – May 2020



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