Prawns Pulao in Biryani Flavour

Prawns Pulao can be prepared in a variety of methods, this prawns pulao was made when I decided to have the pulao in biryani flavour but without the use of too many ingredients.

To know which are the ingredients used to flavour the prawns pulao for owning a pleasant biryani taste, read the recipe …

The Recipe of Prawns Pulao in Biryani Flavour:

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The pulao has a pleasant biryani flavour, the aroma of this pulao is fabulously strong.

The fabulous pleasant biryani flavour of this prawns pulao would require a moderate-spicy beans gravy, I opted for Turkish gram because this source of protein is also packed with nutrients which strengthens the immune system, the other reasons why I opted for this bean for the meal along with prawns pulao are: the small structure of Turkish gram easily blends with spicy flavours and is smooth in texture when cooked – these aspects makes it suitable to go extremely well with this ‘Prawns Pulao in Biryani Flavour’, the last reason being – Turkish gram is easily available in India.

To know the cooking method, the spice powder used to make this gravy delicious moderate-spicy, and the other essential ingredients used, read on …

The Recipe of Delicious Moderate-Spicy Turkish Gram to complement with ‘Prawns Pulao in Biryani Flavour’:

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For salad, I included the meal with slices of cucumber – I find cucumber salad to be a perfect match in a meal consisting prawns.



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