Rich Vegetarian Meal with Black-Eyed Beans Gravy

This nutrient-dense meal takes an hour’s time for preparation –

Whole spice have fresh taste, when you include whole spice with pulao,  the pulao is enhanced with fresh flavour, which whole spice would you prefer to make fresh tasting pulao?

For me, when having a vegetarian  meal, I  mostly prefer pulao instead of plain cooked rice – it turns my every day meal into an extremely rich experience.

The Recipe of Flavoursome Pulao:

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Other essential part of this meal is black-eyed beans gravy – it adds the protein factor  to the meal and other essential nutrients.

To make this black-eyed beans gravy delicious, I have included the gravy with a flavourful spice mixture – this spice mixture transforms the black-eyed beans gravy superbly delicious, and  also other essential ingredients to make it healthy.

The Recipe of Superbly Delicious Black-Eyed Beans Gravy:

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To  further enhance the quality of the meal, I included the meal with buttermilk – for its protein and calcium content as well as for its probiotic benefits.

For salad, I preferred green capsicum – for its antioxidant properties and for its pleasant flavour.


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