Make Fermented Food of Rice Cake for stronger immunity

Fermented foods are rich in beneficial probiotics and have been associated with a range of health benefits — from better digestion to stronger immunity. (Source of Information:

The ingredients to make idli or rice cake batter is rice and black gram/urad dal (split white lentil – the interior of black gram is white), thus the batter is a combination of carbohydrates and proteins, the fermentation process of the batter increases the nutritent content in vitamins B and C

recipe to make healthy dosa for breakfast

Both dosa or rice pancake and idli or fermented rice cake is made from the same batter, it is just a matter of choice or preference, whether you want to make use of the batter for preparing dosa or idli, both require almost same kind of moderate effort, the process to make idli differs from making dosa – in dosa the batter is poured on a warm, oiled skilled to fry; in idli the batter is poured in preferably steel plates to steam in a steamer.

Making Idli or fermented rice cake is easy, the recipe …

Fermented Rice Cake or Idli - Recipe in MASALAHEALTH.IN
Fermented Rice Cake or Idli – Recipe in MASALAHEALTH.IN
  • To make the batter for the fermented rice cake:

Quantity of Ingredients

Rice – 500gm

Urad Dal – 250gm

Soak the rice and urad dal together in water for approx. 5 hours, rinse the mixture about 2-3 times before grinding the mixture into smooth paste using water, the mixture should be of reasonable consistency

Leave the batter covered overnight for fermentation

Add salt to the batter – according to preference of flavour

  • I had used steel steamer and steel plates for making idli

Well coat the idli plates with any mild-flavour vegetable oil for a smooth surface, add the batter upto 3/4 part of the idli plates; the quality of steel makes a huge difference in the formation of the rice cakes, use a superior quality of stainless steel plates

Fill the steamer utensil with water upto the specified limit as marked in the utensil, warm the water to a reasonable degree, place the plates, cover the steamer with the lid, cook the batter for approx. 5 minutes in medium heat; when the rice cake is done, remove the plates and leave it to cool for approx. 5 minutes so that the rice cake easily slides off from the plate; rinse the idli plates well, before reusing them each time

Idli are best favoured with chickpea sauce, as it’s the best combination of all vital nutrients, with excellent content of protein.

Spicy Dipping Sauce/Chutney

The preferred consistency of the dipping sauce - Recipe of Spicy Dipping Sauce in MASALAHEALTH.IN
The preferred consistency of the dipping sauce – Recipe of Spicy Dipping Sauce in MASALAHEALTH.IN

Serving siz: approx. 6-8



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