Method to Blend Fresh Fenugreek Greens in Food

Fenugreek is used in traditional medicine to promote digestion, induce labour, increase breast milk supply in nursing mothers, and reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics. (Source of Information: Wikipedia)

Fenugreek leaves are rich in fibre and have high amounts of vitamins and minerals. Fenugreek leaves have a decent content of protein and has a remarkable amount of nutrient iron.

Fresh fenugreek leaves have pleasant-bitter flavour therefore merging it with other foods is a smarter task; the questions which arises are: Which main ingredient will fresh fenugreek leaves go well with? And Which are the complementing food ingredients that can enhance its flavour?

Rice is one of the main ingredient that blends well with fresh fenugreek greens for a pulao.

To find out:

  • Which are the ingredients used to flavour and provide the pulao with richness of nutrients?
  • The best time to incorporate fresh fenugreek greens/leaves with rice i.e should you blend par-cooked rice with fenugreek leaves or should you cook the fenugreek leaves along with rice
  • The modern-day chemical-free cookware used for cooking this delight
  • How this pulao can be transformed into protein-rich probiotic meal?

Read the recipe …

The Recipe of Fresh Fenugreek Greens Pulao:

Quantity of fresh fenugreek leaves: 2 generous handfuls of fenugreek leaves
Quantity of rice: 2 medium bowls full of rice = approx. 250gm of rice (I preferred kolam rice for this recipe)

I cooked this pulao in a thick ceramic coated cookware

In adequate blend of warm vegetable oil and ghee (clarified butter), add finely sliced pieces of fenugreek leaves, finely sliced pieces of 3-4 green chilli peppers – for mild-pungent flavour (the green chilli peppers I used for this recipe have pleasant mild-pungent flavour), smidgen the mixture with salt; when the fenugreek leaf mixture condenses to certain extent, add rice, add the rice mixture with 3 medium bowls full of water; when the rice is par-cooked, add small paneer/cottage cheese cubes (100gm); cook the rice in low heat until the water evaporates

Serving size: approx. 4

The rice has the fresh flavour of fenugreek leaves, paneer adds the required factor of deliciousness, the mild-pungent flavour is because of green chilli pepper.

A rich probiotic, protein meal along with drink of buttermilk.

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