Yesterday’s Carrot Munchies versus Today’s Carrot Nuggets

When you have excess potatoes in your kitchen, creating nuggets is a good idea. Just add the vegetable of your choice to the potato mash, with ingredients to match the flavours of the main ingredients, your favourite food of nuggets is what you get, to enjoy it with a warm drink on a cold day or with a cooling drink on a warm day.

When I had written the recipe of carrot munchies, I had mentioned the procedure of making carrot munchies without stating the amount of ingredients to make carrot munchies/nuggets; in many of the earlier recipes in MASALAHEALTH.IN, you will find only the procedure of recipes – I started my recipe blog with a particular style of writing, because I had started my recipe blog as a hobby, when I realized the slow but powerful impact my recipe blog was creating, I started to write each recipe elaborately. It does take my significant amount of time in a day for the presentation of each recipe however my attitude of looking at my recipe blog from the point of investment kept me interested or keeps me encouraged. Yes, I am transforming my hobby into a source of monthly income through PATREON, I think this should be the honesty of any hobby so that it grows valuable to the creator and the people who are influenced by it.

I made a few changes in this carrot nuggets recipe:

  • I opted out of using a particular ingredient, which did not make much difference in terms of flavour
  • I made the carrot nugget dough more firmer
  • Opted to pan-fry the carrot nuggets using minimum quantity of oil in a chemical-free frying pan
  • Unlike the previous recipe of carrot munchies, in this recipe of carrot nuggets, I have stated the quantity of ingredients used and have also mentioned about the chilli pepper which along with ginger imparts a lovely flavour to the nuggets

The Recipe of Pleasant-Spicy Carrot Nuggets:

Quantity of Potatoes: 1kg

Quantity of Red Carrots: 1/2 kg

Boil the potatoes until soft, peel the potatoes and create potato mash

Blend finely sliced pieces of carrot in ghee (clarified butter), add the mixture with mashed pieces of 7 garlic cloves, mashed pieces of a sizeable portion of ginger root for pleasant-ginger flavour, finely sliced pieces of 2-3 green chilli pepper; smidgen the mixture with salt; cook the carrot mixture for approx. 5 minutes.

[The green chilli pepper I used is palm size long, is thick and slender, this green chilli pepper has a wonderful mild-pungent flavour.]

Add the warm carrot mixture with potato mash, blend the carrot nugget dough with pieces of 2-3 cheese cubes; to make the dough firmer in consistency, add adequate quantity of fresh bread crumbs – I prepared fresh breadcrumbs from a sliced bread loaf of 200gm using a grinder

I opted to pan-fry the carrot nuggets/cutlets in an iron tava. (Tava is metal concave frying pan used to make flatbreadIron tava is heat efficientnaturally non-stick and chemical-free cookware.)

Coat the carrot nuggets with fresh breadcrumbs before pan-frying the nuggets in an iron tava/frying pan; coat the iron tava with oil, place the nuggets on the warm tava and fry nuggets on both its sides for few seconds

Serving size: approx. 4-5

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