My Reasons to include Buttermilk in most of my Meals

I include Buttermilk in most of my meals; however I exclude buttermilk when I consume seafood/fish in my meal, because seafood/fish and buttermilk have highly contrasting sources from which they originate. I combine buttermilk with meats and vegetables in a meal because buttermilk is a fermented dairy product.

And my reasons to include buttermilk in most of my meals are:

  1. Buttermilk is an good source of protein and calcium
  2. Buttermilk is a digestive aid as it is a rich source of probiotics because buttermilk is a fermented drink, buttermilk has  healthy bacteria which enhance digestion, aid in nutrition, and combats digestive issues

Modern lifestyle prohibits us from using very traditional methods of cooking or preparing food, some foods are better to obtain from an outside source rather than spending time or energy to prepare the same at home. Buttermilk is one such food product I rather purchase from a grocery shop than preparing the same at home. In India, buttermilk is easily accessible from a local grocery shop for a low price. The packet of buttermilk which I obtain is a product from a popular and reputed company of the food industry in India.

Buttermilk is made from milk solids, water and active cultures.

I do not add salt, herbs or spices to my drink of buttermilk because buttermilk has a mild-salty flavour, and I don’t deem herbs and spices are the necessary factors to flavour or accessorize the buttermilk with nutrients or increase its medicinal value, because buttermilk is a fermented dairy product thus is a probiotic drink – that is all which is required.

If I opt to add buttermilk to the food I am cooking, that is meat or vegetable – then I opt out to drink buttermilk during my meal; if my meal does not include buttermilk in the food prepared, I opt to drink half a glass of buttermilk as part of my meal, buttermilk can be consumed either in between the meal or after the completion of the meal, drinking buttermilk at room temperature is my preferred choice of consuming this probiotic drink.

Food Recipes using Buttermilk in MASALAHEALTH.IN

  • Rice steamed in chicken stock & buttermilk, in the non-vegetarian meal of mutton … RECIPE
  • Buttermilk is a very valuable food for health; I incorporated small black eyed beans with buttermilk to create a delectable curry delight … RECIPE
  • Buttermilk is a very valuable food for health; I incorporated small black eyed beans with buttermilk to create a delectable curry delight … RECIPE
  • This rich and flavourful buttermilk curry is prepared in rice bran oil -— rice bran oil is less viscous (sticky) thus adding a little less quantity of this oil than we would normally prefer for a recipe would be just right; and I have used two very flavoursome vegetables to enrich this curry … RECIPE
  • Buttermilk is added to tofu curry … RECIPE
  • This easy, tasty & healthy chicken curry is prepared using buttermilk; in Ayurveda, buttermilk is considered an extremely beneficial  food for human health … RECIPE
  • Aubergine/Brinjal Curry made with buttermilk … RECIPE
  • The two main ingredients in this curry are – Sambhar Masala, a flavorful  and popular spice mix & Buttermilk; these two amazing ingredients enriches the okra curry with flavor and texture … RECIPE
  • Delicious and Luscious Veg Salad with Radish Greens made with buttermilk … RECIPE
  • Black-eyed beans Curry made with peanuts and buttermilk … RECIPE
  • Madras cucumber flavors curries with its distinct mild-flavour; this chicken curry has fresh and unique flavour because of the use of madras cucumber in it, and also because of buttermilk … RECIPE
  • Mung beans are an interesting foodstuff having a mild-sweet flavour; for the salad recipe of mung beans, I merged them with buttermilk … RECIPE
  • The two extremely nutritious food ingredients to combat the content of starch in this delicious potato gravy are spinach and buttermilk … RECIPE
  • This delicious garbanzo beans curry has a delicious combine flavour of fenugreek seeds, hyderbadi green chilli, asafoetida powder, potatoes, green capsicum and buttermilk … RECIPE
  • Potatoes are packed with nutrients; baby potatoes have a creamy-soft texture when cooked, thus this curry is lush when baby potatoes are merged with herbs and buttermilk … RECIPE

Buttermilk as part of my healthy balanced diet meal:

Nutritive, Protein-Rich Probiotic Meal

Meal Planning and Me

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