Delicious Beetroot Coins versus Luxurious Beetroot Nuggets

I would like to admit, BEETROOT was a vegetable that I least bothered purchasing; I discovered its nutritious factor for its folate content when I was pregnant with my first child – during that time I would slice a beetroot into halves, par-boil it, sprinkle the beetroot halves with salt and perhaps blackpepper powder too. Later, I gave up consuming beetroot; the confined thinking of mine related to food changed when I started My Recipe Blog – MASALAHEALTH.IN. I knew, I was good with creating food recipes, because each time I cooked food, I used to innovate the recipe; my recipe blog gave wings to my exploration in food. With beetroot, my first innovative recipe was BEETROOT BHURJI i.e. egg scramble with beetroot mince; slowly I realized beetroot has a rich flavour when its combined with ingredients which matches its luxuriousness.

This recipe is the re-creation of my previous recipe DELICIOUS BEETROOT COINS, I have made a few relevant changes – both recipes are perfect, mainly the changes in this recipe makes it more suitable for people who do not consume eggs or people who are vegetarians.

The luxuriousness of beetroot comes from its rich purple colour, its a feast for the eyes to see the rich purple dough, and a pleasant experience to play with the beetroot dough to turn the dough into purple nuggets/cutlets.

The Recipe of Luxurious Beetroot Nuggets/Cutlets:

Quantity of Potatoes: 1kg

Boil the potatoes in water until soft, peel the potatoes and create potato mash

Quantity of Beetroot: 500gm

In adequate quantity of warm, any mild-flavour vegetable oil, add mashed pieces of 10 garlic cloves and 2 tsp. of cumin seeds; add the blend with beetroot mince; add the mixture with generous handful of sliced pieces of coriander leaves, sliced pieces of 2 green chillies for mild-pungent flavour and pieces of 3 cheese cubes; smidgen the mix with salt – according to preference of flavour, cook the mixture for approx. 5 minutes,

Add the beetroot mixture to the potato mash and mix the combination,

Add adequate quantity of fresh breadcrumbs to work the mixture for soft dough consistency, use the remaining fresh breadcrumbs for coating the beetroot nuggets/cutlets – I prepared fresh breadcrumbs by grinding a sliced bread loaf of 200gm in a grinder,

I opted to pan-fry the beetroot nuggets/cutlets in an iron tava. (Tava is metal concave frying pan used to make flatbreadIron tava is heat efficientnaturally non-stick and chemical-free cookware.)

Coat the beetroot nuggets with fresh breadcrumbs before pan-frying the nuggets in an iron tava/frying pan; coat the iron tava with oil, place the nuggets on the warm tava and fry nuggets on both its sides for few seconds

As making nuggets is a time consuming process, I opt to eat them with a drink of buttermilk; if I opt to eat these nuggets for breakfast or as a snack, I consume the nuggets along with tea.

Serving size: approx. 5

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