Easy Recipe to transform your Daily Meal into Luxurious Healthy Meal – I

I use my Recipe Blog – MASALAHEALTH.IN as a Reference Book to plan Luxurious Healthy Daily Meals; as I look past into my creation of food recipes, I feel proud and impressed by the sheer fact of circumstances which lead to the creation of the recipes – each recipe has a personal story of its own, sometimes it was a special occasion which lead to the creation of a recipe, sometimes the urgency to cook food very quickly, sometimes I had to cook food with limited set of ingredients and so on … Yet, always the main motive behind creation of any of my food recipes is that the food should always be pleasing to my taste buds.

This Combination of Recipe for Luxurious Healthy Daily Meal is the 1st combination in the series of Easy Recipes to transform your Daily Meals into Luxurious Healthy Meals:

For this Luxurious Healthy Daily Meal or Meal Planning, I chose 2 recipes from my personal reference book of recipes – keeping in mind the season and some other relevant facts.

(My logical thinking process while selecting the recipes is written in PRESENT TENSE)

At present its winter season, so I would prefer to eat something pleasant spicy, especially a recipe which includes ginger, because of its flavour and its medicinal properties much indeed in the colder days; a meat recipe which is pleasant spicy and includes the flavour of ginger; in meat – chicken meat would be best for its easy accessibility and its nutrition content’ – so I chose the recipe of GIN(chicken)GER

I just wanted to add a second food type to complete my meal planning, ‘A staple food recipe which includes vegetable and whole spice’, as a result for my Luxurious Healthy Daily Meal I chose – A Special Pulao (with cumin seeds); while reading the recipe, I loved the fact how I interestingly blended cabbage with rice – which is a rare combination, but the ingredients which I chose for flavour perfectly blended to give the recipe a unique fresh flavour.

(There are few minor changes in food ingredients used in this recipe, when compared to the previous similar recipe.)

Quantity of chicken meat: approx. 500gm

Marinate the chicken pieces for approx. 15 minutes with smidgen of salt – according to preference of flavour, 1/2 tsp. of turmeric powder and 1/2 tsp. of any garam masala – according to preference of flavour

Blend finely sliced pieces of 4 medium tomatoes in adequate quantity of warm any mild-flavour vegetable oil, add the melted tomato mix with handful of finely sliced pieces of coriander leaves, finely sliced pieces of a green chilli for mild-pungent flavour and mashed pieces of a sizeable portion of a ginger root – according to preference of flavour; add the marinated chicken pieces to the mix; add adequate quantity of water for saucy texture and cook the chicken mixture until chicken pieces turn tender

A chicken gravy with spicy-rich flavour

Serving size: approx. 4

Quantity of rice: 250gm = 2 medium bowls full of rice

Add 1/2 tsp. of cumin seeds in adequate quantity of warm, any mild-flavour vegetable oil; add the blend with finely sliced pieces of a green chilli for mild-pungent flavour, 4 handfuls of cabbage pieces, and 2 tbsp. of chilli vinegar – for pleasant sweet and sour flavour; smidgen the mix with salt – according to preference of flavour; when the cabbage pieces are par-cooked, add the rice, add the mixture with 3 medium bowls full of water, cook the rice in low heat until the water evaporates

(In the previous recipe, the cabbage blend was mixed with cooked rice; in this recipe, rice is cooked along with cabbage slices.)

The pulao has fresh flavour of cumin seeds and vinegar

Serving siz: approx. 4

These 2 food recipes matched very well for a Luxurious Healthy Daily Meal in nutrition and flavour, thus my meal planning with these 2 recipes was a success.

I completed this meal with the addition of buttermilk – a probiotic drink and source of other vital nutrients

Healthy Meal Planning Recipes in MASALAHEALTH.IN


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