Gingerol, Probiotic RICE for Colder Days

The explanation of this recipe’s title is very simple – ginger is a very special food ingredient, the flavour of ginger especially enriches our taste buds during colder days, ginger contains gingerol, gingerol is the main bioactive compound in ginger having powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties; paneer (cottage cheese/Indian cheese), is a dairy product rich in nutrients and is also a rich source of probiotics – probiotics are live microorganisms that have health benefits when consumed.

Thus the combination of gingerol and probiotics is a potent combination for health, especially during colder days when health related issues are at a rise.

Rice is the staple food of over half the world’s population, this combination of gingerol and probiotics when merged with rice, it gives rice more nutrients and flavour.

The Recipe of Gingerol, Probiotic Pulao:

Quantity of Rice (Kolam or Basmati Rice): approx. 250gm of rice = 2 medium bowls full of rice

Blend finely sliced pieces of 3 medium tomatoes in adequate quantity of warm, any mild-flavour flavour vegetable oil, along with finely sliced pieces of a small slender green chilli for mild-pungent flavour and mashed pieces of a sizeable portion of a ginger root for pleasant ginger flavour; smidgen the mixture with salt – according to preference of flavour; when the tomato slices begin to melt, add the mixture with small cubes sliced from a 100gm paneer/cotton cheese block; add the rice and blend the mixture with 3 medium bowls full of water for the rice to cook; cook the rice in low heat until the water evaporates.

Serving size: approx. 4

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