This Salad is Beneficial for your Overall Health …

Why is spring onions/scallions beneficial for overall health ?

Spring onions belong to the allium group of vegetables, like garlic and onions, thus spring onions have quite similar flavour, and contain sulphur containing compounds along with other essential nutrients. Spring onions/scallions are known to have many healing properties because it is a nutrient-rich vegetable.

I often obtain spring onions in a generous bunch, so I just separate the slender greens from the thicker greens containing the bulb, and use them accordingly.

The Salad Recipe of Spring Onions/Scallions:

Quantity of spring onions: a generous handful of spring onions – the thick greens along with its bulbs

Blend finely sliced pieces of spring onions with finely sliced pieces of 4 small tomatoes and a pinch of salt

Serving size: approx. 6

SPRING with Spring Onions – Recipes in MASALAHEALTH.IN


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