Nutritive, Protein-Rich Probiotic Meal

For preparing regular healthy meals the time factor plays an important role, the minimum amount of time spent in the kitchen more better; but in the minimum amount of time spent, the food prepared is nutritious that’s much better.

This nutritive, protein-rich probiotic meal was an accidental discovery, because most of the times I like spending minimum hours in the kitchen without compromising on eating healthy.

I prepared a garlic pulao, garlic being flavour rich also has medicinal benefits, its nutritive content benefits the pulao; I also enriched the pulao with a protein-rich and probiotic product PANEER (cottage cheese) – paneer is Indian cottage cheese easily available in the Indian grocery shop for relatively cheap price, this advantage reduces the time factor because I just have to slice the big portion of paneer into smaller cubes before adding the paneer cubes in the pulao. Pulao is a rice meal, and rice is a gluten-free food which essentially provides carbohydrates to the body.

The Recipe of Garlic Pulao

This garlic pulao has the flavour and medicinal property of garlic, the richness of protein through probiotic food PANEER and rice is a carbohydrate food, thus this pulao is complete in the nutritious content.

For the side dish, I choose French beans, side dish provides variety to the meal and the added touch of nutrients and taste. French beans are nutritious vegetable with mild-sweet flavour; in this recipe, I only merged the French beans with necessary spice powders, with having a tad sauce texture to go well with the flavour and texture of garlic pulao.

The Recipe of Spicy French Beans

Thus this meal being a regular healthy meal turned out rich in its nutritive content, taste and overall appearance or feel.

I complemented this rich regular meal with a drink of buttermilk, buttermilk is a probiotic drink and also a source of protein. In the Indian grocery shop, plain and fresh buttermilk is easily accessible for cheap price, I do not add any flavorings to the buttermilk because I don’t deem it’s necessary.

Ultimately, with the addition of buttermilk, this regular healthy meal became a nutritive, protein-rich, probiotic meal.



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