The Flavour of Garlic in Pulao

Garlic is a herb with medicinal properties possessing a strong flavour and aroma, thus the flavour of this herb can be used to enrich many foods. I make use of garlic for its medicinal properties by adding the herb in almost all food recipes, here are few recipes from MA$ALAHEALTH.IN which standout in the rich flavour of garlic:

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Silver Pomfret Fry

Enjoy preparing and tasting these above food recipes with exclusive taste of garlic, if you appreciate the unique flavour of garlic.

In this recipe, I used garlic for its exclusive flavour to enrich the pulao, the pulao is completed by addition of a probiotic and also a protein-rich product, read the recipe to find out more …

The Recipe of Garlic Pulao:

Quantity of rice: approx. 250gm = 2 medium bowls full of basmati rice
Quantity of paneer/cottage cheese: 100gm

Blend mashed pieces of 7 garlic cloves (you can opt to add mashed pieces of 10 garlic cloves for strong garlic flavour) in adequate quantity of warm, any mild-flavour vegetable oil; when the garlic pieces starts emitting a pleasant aroma, add rice to the blend, smidgen the mixture with salt – according to preference of flavour, blend the mixture with 3 medium bowls full of water; when the basmati rice is par-cooked, blend the pulao with small paneer cubes, cook the pulao until the water evaporates.

A pulao with pleasant garlic flavour and with richness of paneer.

Serving size: approx. 4

Food Recipes using Garlic in MA$ALAHEALTH.IN

Food Recipes using Paneer/Cottage Cheese in MA$ALAHEALTH.IN


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