When you have Herb and Cheese, Make PULAO

Coriander herb is one of the most favourite herb of Indian people, we prefer to use this herb in almost all food recipes for its enriching spicy flavour; and this herb is abundantly and easily available in Indian vegetable markets throughout all seasons.

Cheese is a very popular and favourite food ingredient among people of almost all the countries.

So, when I have these two ingredients, ‘Coriander Herb & Cheese’, I have basically the option to create a variety of food recipes, some recipes which I have created using coriander herb and cheese are …

Chicken in Herb Sauce,

A Delicious Veg Pulao/Pilaf with Soy Meat

Delicious Veg Food Recipe of Wholesome Cauliflower in Luscious-Sauce

Delicious Turkish Gram Salad

The Recipe of Delish Pulao/Pilaf in Super-Rich Blend of Herb-Sauce and Tiger Prawns

Nutritious Fava Beans in Delicious Coriander Herb Sauce

Steamed Rice (in appetizing Tadka)

The Recipe of Delicious Beetroot Coins

The Blend of Coriander Herb and Cheese to make Delicious Garbanzo/Chickpeas Curry

This time I wanted to create a pulao, and I wanted the pulao to be delicious and I did not wish to spent too much time in the kitchen for preparing the same; I had these two food ingredients, coriander herb and cheese …

The Recipe of Coriander Herb and Cheese Pulao:

Quantity of basmati rice: approx. 250gm = 2 medium bowls full of rice
Blend pieces of 2 small staranise (optional) and sliced pieces of a handful of coriander leaves in adequate quantity of warm, any mild-flavour vegetable oil; blend the mix with basmati rice, smidgen the mixture with salt – according to preference of flavour, blend the rice mix with 3 medium bowls full of water; when the rice is cooked, switch off the heat and blend the pulao with grated pieces or small pieces of 2-3 cheese cubes.

The pulao has the strong flavour of coriander herb with delicious flavour of cheese.

(The type of cheese you select for your food recipes, depends on which variety of cheese is easily available in your country and your preference.)

Serving size: approx. 4

Coriander Herb and Cheese Pulao


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