Semolina Roti/Chapati/Flatbread

Semolina Flatbread is one of my accidental discovery; the story behind this invention is – I was looking out for a healthy, easy sweet dish recipe on the internet, I came across the recipe of semolina/suji gulab jamun, I did make them however did not like the ‘very healthy approach of savouring the sweet dish’, so with the remaining gulab jamun dough I made some flatbreads, which ended up being very soft and tasty.

I made some suitable changes to come across this recipe of semolina roti/chapati:

Dry roast 2 medium bowls full of semolina for few seconds until it starts emitting a pleasant aroma.
Boil 3 medium bowls full of water, add sugar in it – according to preference of flavour (optional), add a pinch of salt to it, add the roasted semolina to the water and blend the mix until semolina soaks the water for a thick doughy consistency, knead the cooled semolina dough into smooth dough using 2 medium bowls full of whole wheat flour.
Make adequate small dough balls for making semolina chapati; sprinkle dry whole wheat flour and roll the dough balls into medium, thick circle formation using a rolling pin.
Roast the semolina roti/chapati on an iron tava.
Semolina roti/chapati have very soft texture and is nutritious as breakfast food.

Serving size: approx. 4



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