Wholesome or Complete Pulao/ Pilaf

What about completing your meal for brunch or lunch or dinner time with a single food meal which has all the essential nutrients?

This pulao or pilaf is a wholesome meal to be only paired with a drink of buttermilk.

Which are the food ingredients that make this pulao wholesome?

Read on, to find the answers …

The Recipe of Wholesome or Complete Pulao/Pilaf

Quantity of Chickpeas/Garbanzo Beans: 125 gm

Soak the chickpeas overnight in water; later cook the garbanzo beans in a pressure cooker, in low heat, for up to 3 pressure cooker whistles.

Quantity of Kolam Rice: 2 medium bowls full of rice (approx. 250 gm)

Saute mince of a medium beetroot in adequate quantity of warm, any mild-flavour vegetable oil, add the blend with finely sliced pieces of a green chilli for mild-pungent flavour, add the mix with rice and a thick slice of cheese – according to preference of flavour, smidgen the mixture with salt – according to preference of flavour, mix the mixture with 3 medium bowls full of chickpea stock; add the cooked chickpeas to the par-cooked rice mixture, cook the pulao until the liquid part of the pulao evaporates to cook the rice completely.

A pulao which has wholesome flavour and texture.

Serving size: approx. 4

The Luxuriousness of Beetroot in Food – Recipes in MASALAHEALTH.IN


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