Why Is Dosa A Healthy Regular Breakfast Option?

Contradictory to the belief, the process of making dosa (rice pancake) is very easy and convenient when compared to making chapati; both chapati and dosa are healthy breakfast options, these are my regular choice for breakfast.

The key ingredients for the dosa batter is rice and black gram, thus the dosa batter is a combination of carbohydrates and proteins, the fermentation process of the batter increases the nutritent content in vitamins B and C.

This recipe reveals the easy process to make healthy dosa for breakfast …

Quantity of Idli rice: 500 gm

Quantity of urad dal (split white lentil – the interior of black gram is white): 250 gm

Soak the rice and urad dal together in water for approx. 5 hours, rinse the mixture about 2-3 times before grinding the mixture into smooth paste using water, the mixture should be of reasonable consistency.

Leave the batter covered overnight for fermentation.

Add salt to the batter – according to preference of flavour

I used the iron tava to cook the dosa

Oil the tava/frying pan well, on the warm tava, on low heat, pour the batter on the tava and gently make a circular formation of the batter with the help of the batter spoon, increase the heat to medium flame; when the batter dries up on top to easily come on the spatula, the dosa is cooked.

Dosa should be consumed warm

Potato gravy is one of the best combination with dosa.

Best Potato Gravies to Savour with Dosa: Recipes in masalahealth.in

Serving size: approx. 6

Making of Indian Flatbread – Chapati


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