Vitamins-Rich Spicy-Hot Noodles for Cold or Winter Days

Which Combination of Herb and Pepper Combine for a Exquisite Spicy-Hot Flavour?

Corainder leaves and green chilli pepper are the perfect combination for spicy-hot food, coriander leaves has a unique spicy flavour and green chilli pepper have fresh pungent flavour, when these two food ingredients of herb and pepper combine they burst with exquisite flavour.

Coriander leaves are super-rich source of vitamin K and also has rich content of vitamins A and C , with moderate content of dietary minerals. Chilli pepper are super-rich source of vitamin C.

In this recipe of hot and spicy noodles – for chilli pepper, I opted to use hyderbadi green chilli – these chillies are about palm length, lush and slender, they have mild but distinctive pungent flavour; I have not included any other vegetables except tomatoes, for the maximum effect of coriander herb and chilli pepper flavour on the taste buds. For making this recipe a healthy meal for breakfast or brunch, I included cottage cheese in it – cottage cheese enriches the breakfast or brunch time noodles with the necessary protein content.

The Recipe of Vitamins-Rich Spicy-Hot Noodles for Cold or Winter Days:

Quantity of Hakka Noodles (ingredient – wheat flour): 2 packs of 150 gm each = 300 gm

Cook the hakka noodles according to the package instructions

I opted to sauce the cooked hakka noodles using an iron wok/kadai.

Melt finely sliced pieces of 3 big tomatoes in adequate quantity of warm, any mild-flavour vegetable oil, smidgen the mix with salt – according to preference of flavour; blend the mix with a generous handful of finely sliced coriander leaves, finely sliced pieces of a hyderabadi green chilli for mild-pungent flavour and 1/4 tsp. of turmeric powder; add small cubes of paneer/cottage cheese (100 gm) to the mix; when the paneer cubes turn tad crisp in texture, combine the mixture with the cooked noodles.

These noodles are moderate hot and spicy because of the combine flavour of coriander leaves and hyderabadi green chilli.

You can enjoy these noodles for breakfast or brunch on cold or winter days, and on summer’s too with a drink of buttermilk.

Serving size: approx. 3


Essential Nutritional Fact:

Vitamin K is an important factor in bone health and wound healing. 

(Source of Information: Wikipedia)

Wishing You a Wonderful Day

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