Raw Vegetable Salad Rich in Vitamins K & C,with Probiotic-like Health Benefits

Raw Cabbage is a rich source of vitamins K  and C, and good source of dietary fiber; in this raw vegetable salad recipe, I have merged cabbage with:

  • A green vegetable which has an overwhelming content of vitamin C in it,
  • A dairy product which has probiotic-like health benefits, and
  • A valuable whole spice.

Thus, this raw vegetable salad of cabbage has a rich content of vitamin C and K, followed by dietary fiber.

The Recipe of Raw Vegetable Salad Rich in Vitamins K & C, with Probiotic-like Health Benefits:

Quantity of cabbage: Half portion of a small cabbage

Blend finely sliced pieces of cabbage and finely sliced pieces of a big green capsicum with freshly ground (4 or 6) black peppercorns and two tbsp. full of thick curd, and smidgen of salt – according to preference of flavour.

Serving size: approx. 5-6

Whole spice: Black Peppercorns is  used in food as both, spice and a medicine.

Capsicums are rich sources of vitamin C.

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Wishing You a Wonderful Day

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