Lavish Potato Gravy

Potatoes were introduced to Europe from the Americas in the second half of the 16th century by the Spanish. Today they are a staple food in many parts of the world and an integral part of much of the world’s food supply.

The importance of the potato as a food source and culinary ingredient varies by region and is still changing. It remains an essential crop in Europe, especially Northern and Eastern Europe, where per capita production is still the highest in the world, while the most rapid expansion in production over the past few decades has occurred in southern and eastern Asia. (Source of Information: Wikipedia)

The Recipe of Lavish Potato Gravy:

Quantity of potatoes: approx. ½ kg

Quantity of paneer (cottage cheese): approx. 100 gm

In an iron wok/kadai, in a  heapful tsp. of ghee (clarified butter), add ¼ tsp. of mustard seeds; when the mustard seeds begin to crackle, add a handful of sliced curry leaves in the warm ghee; blend the mix with small potato pieces, add the mixture with sliced pieces of a green chilli for mild-pungent flavour (these chillies are small and extremely slender, having fresh pungent flavour) and ¼ tsp. of turmeric powder, smidgen the blend with salt – according to preference of flavour, add adequate quantity of water for the potato pieces to cook; when the potato pieces are par-cooked, add small paneer cubes; cook the mixture until the potato pieces soften.

A luscious potato gravy possessing the flavour of ghee with mild spiciness.

Serving size: approx. 4

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