Green Chicken with Super-Food ‘SPINACH’

This recipe comprises of three factors:

  1. The food ingredient CHICKEN, a usual protein food used throughout the cuisine of cultures around the world.
  2.  The food ingredient SPINACH, a rich source of nutrients.
  3.  The colour GREEN of spinach; during post-classical and early modern Europe, green was the color commonly associated with wealth, merchants, bankers and the gentry; in surveys made in American, European, and Islamic countries, green is the color most commonly associated with nature, life, health, youth, spring, hope; in China and most of Asia, its associations are very positive, as the symbol of fertility and happiness.
(Source of Information: Wikipedia)

When these factors combine it represents completeness; with the delicious factor intact, this dish of green chicken with spinach is ultimate in its formation.

The Recipe of Green Chicken with Super-Food ‘SPINACH’:

Green Chicken with Super-Food 'SPINACH': Delicious Gravy Recipe in
Green Chicken with Super-Food ‘SPINACH’: Delicious Gravy Recipe in

Quantity of chicken: ½ kg  of chicken meat

Quantity of spinach leaves: 2 generous handfuls of spinach leaves

  • Sauce: Grind slices of a two medium tomatoes, slices of 1 medium onion and a cheese cube into thick sauce.
  • Spinach puree: Blanch the spinach leaves by immersing spinach leaves in adequate quantity of water, set the dish on heat until the water turns reasonably warm, strain the spinach leaves; grind sliced pieces of  spinach leaves into thick puree.
  • Sauté the sauce in adequate of warm, any mild-flavour vegetable oil until the sauce condenses to a reasonable thickness, blend the sauce with chicken meat pieces, smidgen the mix with salt – according to preference of flavour, blend the mix with ¼ tsp. of turmeric powder and ½ tsp. of kashmiri chilli powder (kashmiri chilli powder gives food soft red colour with diminutive amount of pungency – you can also opt to use any other chilli powder according to preference of flavour); when the chicken pieces turn tender, add the spinach puree and simmer the combination for approximate 5 minutes.

Green chicken with super-food spinach is a delicious gravy with luxurious flavour.

Serving size: approx. 4

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