Protein-Rich Nutritious Food: Wholesome Fresh Green Peas and Potato Curry

Fresh green peas and potato are ideal combination of vegetables to merge together in cooking a healthy and delicious dish because this blend has all the required elements for a nutritious food, however this combination can be worked upon to make it a super nutritious dish with increase in its dietary fibre and protein content; this recipe reveals the secret for a protein-rich nutritious vegetarian curry,  a suitable curry for meal time in arrangement with cooked rice or bread, and a drink of buttermilk → which makes the meal wholesome and complete to the utmost intensity.

This nutritious fresh green peas and potato curry is  grand  in its quantity and is suitable for a family meal recipe, on the other positive aspect the ingredients required for the recipe is not grand in quantity but grand in quality.

Find out which ingredient is the key ⊗⇒ for making this curry a wholesome dish …

The Recipe for Wholesome Fresh Green Peas and Potato Curry:

Wholesome Fresh Green Peas and Potato Curry: Protein-Rich Nutritious Food Recipe in
Wholesome Fresh Green Peas and Potato Curry: Protein-Rich Nutritious Food Recipe in

Quantity of vegetables:  approx. 250 gm of green pea pods and approx. 250 gm of potatoes

  • Curry paste/Sauce: Grind slices of a big onion, slices of 2 medium tomatoes and 6 garlic cloves into thick sauce

⊗⇒Roasted gram powder: Grind approx. 125 gm of roasted gram along with its husk into powder

  • Sauté the curry paste in adequate quantity of warm rice bran oil, in low heat until the sauce thickness in texture, smidgen the sauce with salt – according to preference of flavour, add the sauce with ¼ tsp. of turmeric powder, blend the sauce with fresh green peas, potato pieces and sliced pieces of a hyderbadi green chilli or any other green chilli pepper for mild-pungent flavour, mix the mixture with roasted gram powder, add the mixture with water – according to the consistency of curry you prefer, cook the curry in low heat by stirring the curry occasionally; after the vegetables become tender, switch off the flame; blend the mix with a tbsp. of veg mayonnaise.

This curry is thick in its consistency, wholesome in its nutritive content with rich flavour.

Serving size: approx. 7

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