Protein Salad Recipe with Brown Chickpeas

This is my second recipe with brown chickpeas, in the previous recipe with brown chickpeas – Recipe of Brown Chickpeas Gravy/Curry  I had blended  brown chickpeas with green capsicum for a  nutritious curry; brown chickpeas are smaller, darker seeds, this type of pulse is mostly cultivated in  Pakistan, India and other parts of South Asia, as well as in Ethiopia, Mexico, and Iran.

Chickpeas are a nutrient-dense food, providing rich content of protein, dietary fiber, folate, and certain dietary minerals, such as iron and phosphorus.

In my second recipe with brown chickpeas, rather than making a curry dish of brown chickpeas I wanted to try a different recipe with this pulse to suit its robust flavour.

This salad recipe of brown chickpeas is a simple recipe requiring few ingredients, a recipe for vegetarian protein salad that is served as a side dish during a meal.

Protein Salad Recipe with Brown Chickpeas:

Protein Salad of Brown Chickpeas - Recipe in
Protein Salad of Brown Chickpeas – Recipe in

Quantity of brown chickpeas:  approx. 125 gm

  • Soak the  brown chickpeas for overnight or up to 4-5 hours in water
  • Cook the brown chickpeas in a pressure cooker  in adequate quantity of water for up to 4-5 pressure cooker whistles.
  • Separate the stock from the brown chickpeas, flavor the brown chickpeas with smidgen of salt – according to preference of flavour,  sprinkle the salad with freshly ground ¼ – ½  tbsp. of black peppercorns,  and add the salad with thin cheese slices of an entire cheese cube.

A salad of  brown chickpeas in strong flavour of black peppercorns, and cheese; you can  prefer to have this salad cold.

Serving size: approx. 6

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