Easy Summertime Chicken Recipe: Curd/Dahi Chicken Meat Gravy with Greens (with balanced diet info)

In this recipe of chicken meat for summer season, I have used greens and curd for the gravy.

The colour green represents luck, nature, freshness, spring, wealth and environmental awareness; and consumption of curd has been associated with strengthening of the immune system.

Easy Summertime Chicken Recipe of Curd/Dahi Chicken Meat Gravy with Greens:

Quantity of chicken meat: approx. ½ kg meat

  • Curry paste/Sauce: Grind slices of a big onion, slices of a big tomato, 4 garlic cloves into thick sauce.
  • In adequate quantity of warm, any mild-flavour vegetable oil, sauté the curry paste in low heat until it condenses to a reasonable degree; blend the sauce with chicken meat pieces and 3 handfuls of spring onion greens; smidgen the mix with salt – according to preference of taste,
  • Blend the mixture with ¼ tsp. of turmeric powder, ¼ tsp. of kashmiri chilli powder (kashmiri chilli powder gives food soft red colour with diminutive amount of pungency – you can also opt to use any other chilli powder according to preference of flavour),  and ½ tsp. of sambhar masala (a flavoursome, non -pungent powdered spice mix).
  • When the chicken pieces are par-cooked, add the mix with 2 full small cups of whisked curd, blend the thick gravy with a tad quantity of water (optional) – according to the consistency of gravy you prefer; cook the mix until the chicken pieces turn tender.

A thick, delicious chicken gravy with pleasant flavour of spring onion greens

Serving size: approx. 4

Though this easy, nutritious chicken gravy is basically meant for summer season, yet it is an all season food recipe for healthy meal because the process involves cooking of curd.

For healthy meal. enjoy this delicious, non-vegetarian gravy in a balanced diet with:

  • cooked rice (preferably kolam rice) or chapatti/whole wheat bread/multigrain bread
  • raw vegetable salad of orange carrot and tomato: Blend mince of a medium orange carrot with finely sliced pieces of a big tomato, flavour the salad with a pinch of salt. Serving size: approx. 2
  • A healthy meal for both summer and winter season, for lunch and dinner time; and a nutritious kid-friendly meal .


                                                                                 Wishing You a Wonderful Day

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