Vegetarian, Folate-Rich Food Recipe: Nutritious Fava Beans in Delicious Coriander Herb Sauce (with balanced diet info)

Folate,  is one of the B vitamins, distinct forms of which are known as folic acid, folacin, and vitamin B9, is necessary for the production and maintenance of new cells, for preventing changes to DNA etc.

Folates occur naturally in many foods. Raw mature fava beans are 11% water, 58% carbohydrates, 26% protein, and 2% fat. Fava beans contain numerous essential nutrients in high content – folate and dietary minerals, such as manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron have considerable content, B vitamins have moderate to rich content.

I prepared this green sauce/curry for fava beans using coriander herb – herbs are plants with savory or aromatic properties that are used for flavoring and garnishing food, medicinal purposes, or for fragrances; coriander leaves are particularly rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K, with moderate content of dietary minerals.

(Source of Information: Wikipedia)

The Recipe of  Vegetarian, Folate-Rich Fava Beans in Coriander Herb Sauce: 

Quantity of dried fava beans: 1 full small cup = approximate 125gm of fava beans

Soak the dried fava beans in water for overnight,

Peel off the outer thin layer of the fava beans.

  • For coriander sauce or curry paste: Grind  slices of 2 big tomatoes,  sliced pieces of a generous handful of coriander leaves,  slices of 1 green chilli – for mild-pungent flavour (these chillies are small and extremely slender, having fresh pungent flavour) into thick sauce.
  • Saute the coriander herb sauce in adequate quantity of warm, any mild-flavour vegetable-oil until it condenses to a reasonable extent, smidgen the mix with salt – according to preference of flavour, blend the mix with a cheese cube and ¼ tsp. of turmeric powder, add fava beans to the mixture, blend the mix with adequate quantity of water  – according to the consistency of curry/gravy you prefer; cook the curry until the curry  looses its raw flavour and the fava beans turn tender.

The delicious curry/gravy has the rich herb taste of coriander leaves with mixed flavor of cheese.

Serving size: Approximately 5

This vegetarian food recipe of nutritious, folate-rich fava beans in delicious coriander herb sauce is an all season food recipe for healthy meal.

For healthy meal enjoy this nutritious vegetarian fava beans curry/gravy in a balanced diet with:

  • cooked rice (preferably kolam rice) or chapatti/whole wheat bread/multigrain bread
  • raw vegetable salad: recipe of a simple and nutritious salad –  blend a handful slices of cabbage, slices of a medium tomato and  slices of half of a green capsicum, flavour the raw vegetable salad with a pinch of salt. Serving size – Approximately 2
  • curd (preferably at room temperature)

A healthy meal for both summer and winter season, for lunch and dinner time; a nutritious kid-friendly meal which also serves as a  good option for healthy lunch box food.

                                                        Wishing You a Wonderful Day

Fava Beans Gravy - Delicious Vegetarian Recipes in
Fava Beans Gravy – Delicious Vegetarian Recipes in

The Delicious,Vegetarian Food, Gravy Recipe of Nutritionally-Rich Fava Beans in Coconut Meat

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