Tasty, Nutritious Vegetarian Food Recipe of Brown Chickpeas Gravy/Curry

Legumes are long seed pods of a leguminous plant, legumes are significant source of protein, dietary fiber, carbohydrates and dietary minerals; pulses are edible dry seeds of plants in the legume family.

Brown chickpeas are smaller, darker seeds, this type of pulse is mostly cultivated in  Pakistan, India and other parts of South Asia, as well as in Ethiopia, Mexico, and Iran; compared to garbanzo beans or ‘kabuli’ chana, the lighter-coloured, larger seeds, and this variant of pulse are mainly grown in the Mediterranean, Southern Europe, Northern Africa, South America, and South Asia. (Source: Wikipedia)

Tasty, Nutritious Vegetarian Food Recipe of Brown Chickpeas Gravy or Curry in masalahealth.in
Tasty, Nutritious Vegetarian Food Recipe of Brown Chickpeas Gravy or Curry in masalahealth.in

The nutritional aspect of legumes is significant in maintaining good health; in this, all seasons, pulse recipe of brown chickpeas for healthy meal, I have blended chickpeas with bell pepper/capsicum – a rich source of vitamin C; a cooking recipe in which brown chickpeas are cooked in a pressure cooker, and later combined with slices of capsicum in a tasty curry/gravy mixture.

This kid-friendly, recipe of brown chickpeas is a tasty food recipe for both summer and winter season, a suitable curry/gravy food for both lunch and dinner time, a nutritious vegetarian gravy which also serves as a  good option for healthy lunch box food.

The Recipe of Tasty, Nutritious Vegetarian Brown Chickpeas Gravy/Curry:

Quantity of chickpeas: 1 small cup full of  brown chickpeas (about 125 gm)

  • Soak the brown chickpeas for overnight; pressure cook the chickpeas, with adequate quantity of water, in medium heat up to 4 pressure cooker whistles.
  • Make onion paste: Roast the slices of 3 small onions using little quantity of any mild-flavour, vegetable oil; until the slices turn partially translucent and tad-brown in colour and emits a flavourful aroma. Grind the onion slices into a smooth paste using adequate quantity of water.
  1. Sauté finely sliced pieces of 3 small tomatoes, 3 medium green capsicums, 1 green chilli – for mild-pungent flavour (these chillies are small and extremely slender, having fresh pungent flavour), and mashed pieces of 6 garlic cloves in adequate quantity of warm, any mild-flavour vegetable oil; smidgen the mix with salt – according to preference of flavour,
  2. Add the onion paste to the melted mix; add the cooked chickpeas to the mixture; blend the mix with ¼-½ tsp. of turmeric powder, and adequate quantity of chickpeas stock or water – according to the consistency of gravy/curry you prefer; simmer the combination for few seconds.

This all seasons, nutrient-rich, vegetarian gravy/curry of brown chickpeas has pleasant spicy taste along with the robust flavour of green capsicum.

Serving size: Approximately 5

                                                           Wishing You a Wonderful Day


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